Posted by: Chuck Farley | January 25, 2008

Day 19

Day 19 – Rest Day – Rest day (for most of us). We I set my alarm to sleep in. Up at 5:15 anyway. So I figured I would jump in throw out a few thoughts about my team.

First off, I never imagined a marathon as a team sport. Growing up, I played quite a few sports; baseball, football, basketball (sort of), track, cross-country, wrestling, and little swimming. Wrestling, track and cross-country, are individual sports, where in competition, it is just you against everyone. Sure, I was on a team. As a matter of fact I was team captain on all three of those teams. We encouraged each other, but in the end, it was just you against your competitors.

I am sure that if we were competing for top honors in this race it would be different, but when your goal is to train hard and finish, the team is really a team. I think that if one of us could not finish this journey to the end, we would all feel a loss. When each of us cross that finish line, all of us share in the victory. How many sports allow you to win 10 times in one competition?

Weekly – “Well Dones”

Zach – Awesome grit and determination fighting through injury and discouragement to get back into training. You are an encouragement to all of us. Super Job!

Bobby – Your growing excitement is contagious! You are a guys that gives his all to everything. We need more of that not just in our team, but in life in general. Kudos on getting the blog up and going.

Greg – Greg is an example of pushing past the ordinary and setting higher goals. He is pushing himself to work harder on his daily runs, to pursue a higher standard of excellence. His drive has caused me to always re-evaluate my own effort. Many times I do not push myself on my daily runs. I am satisfied to just get through the run. Greg reminds me that we need to get everything we can out of our daily training. Thanks Greg.

The Halfers (minis) – Lauren and Nick. You guys get left out of much of our discussions, but your commitment is no less. Anyone who pushes their own limits is making the same commitment as the rest of us. With only two of you running together, I would think that it would be harder to stay motivated, but you two keep plodding along. Good job.

Tammy and Becky – Our marketing gurus. Thanks for jumping in head first on our effort to promote our fund raising effort. Your guys are awesome!

Taylor – Our fearless leader. Everyday, Taylor brings encouragement and accountability to all of us. Although he may have trouble regulating his pace during his runs, he is a great pace setter for us as a team leader. I know that if I have a bad run, he is going to bring encouragement, if I have a great run, he will share in my excitement and if I slack off, he is going to give me grief. Your awesome Man!

(If your reading our weblogs, and have not given to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital yet, get on the stick! Check out the support St. Jude links on the sidebar. If you are not comfortable with the computer giving thing, E-mail me and I tell you how you can give. If you can’t give financially, at least send the runners a word of encouragement. Thanks)



  1. Thanks for the support man. It’s funny because I get a lot of my encouragement from the rest of you guys…so it’s like a vicious circle! We feed off of each other 🙂

  2. Solid post…guess Michael, David and I will have to step it up to make the “Well Done’s list”….Way to go David and Michael…

  3. I’ll do better! I promise… 😦

  4. “Well Dones” are somewhat diluted if everyone gets them. The entire post is a “Kudo” to the team as a whole and if you participate as part of the team, you are awesome and an encouragement to the rest of the team. It’s not like my ‘at-a-boys’ carry much weight anyway. You can’t put it on your PMR. (or can you?)

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