Posted by: Chuck Farley | February 15, 2008

Day 35 / 36

Day 35 – Rest / Day 36 – 5 miles  The weather turned pretty despicable on Tuesday night.  Snow turned to freezing rain and ice.  YUK!  Thought about running on Tuesday night (good call for those who chose this option)  I on the other hand chose to give it a go on Wednesday.  I took about 20 steps, feel down and headed back inside.  Ended upcoming in late to work due to the car being stuck in the driveway.  Great day.

So let’s try again after work.  No have dinner and a meeting at 7.  So at 9:30pm I headed out for my 5 miler.  Amazing how a month ago, at the two mile point I realized I was just about finished with my run and I was working hard to finish.  Now at the two mile point my muscles are just getting warmed up.  I modified my route a bit and really, dare I say it, almost enjoyed this run.


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