Posted by: Chuck Farley | February 20, 2008

Day 45 / 46

Day 45 – Rest / Day 46 – 6 Miles:  I would like to announce the addition of coach Bill Parcels to the Farley training team.  His first act as director of blood supply to was to evaluate the blood supply and toss out all of the dead wood.  He cut about a pint last night.  He assures me that he has the marrow to replace it with younger, faster, stronger red blood cells over the next 60 days.

Bill,  your fired.

Guys, don’t give blood until after the marathon.  I knocked out my 6 miles this morning, but for the first time since training began, I had to walk for about a minute.  Believe it or not, the heart must work harder to get oxygen to the muscles.  I hope I have recovered some by Saturday!



  1. yooohooo? Time to write another blog.

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