Posted by: Chuck Farley | March 4, 2008

Day 47 & 48

Day 47 & 48  Two items of admin before I continue:  Yes it has been over a week since I last posted.  Secondly, some how I got off on my day count so I have adjusted some numbers with a little help from Aurthur Anderson. 

After my little blood letting on Tuesday and the problems with my six mile hike, I decided I would take an extra day off.  So Thursday and Friday wer both rest days to resotore some hemogloben. 

During this little rest period I thought about sacrifice.  Whether it is giving blood, running a marathon for charity, coaching a team or even just staying up late to talk to your kids, wife or friend, what is it that makes us give up a little of ourselves for someone else?  I don’t think we do it just for the T-shirt.  Why would a person that is raised in a society of “me first” would give of themselves with no apparent reward? 

I think all of us in someway count the cost of our actions.  Sometimes we are just going along with the crowd.  At other times it may for the love or acceptance of someone close to use.  In any case.  I think that many times when we give of ourselves “sacrificially”, something in us knows that we recieve more than we give.  Even when we give anonymously, we gain the respect of our own conscience (we feel good when we give) 

 Just  random thoughts of an idle runner.


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