Posted by: Chuck Farley | March 5, 2008

Days 50 Thru 59

Day 50 thru 59 – Out of the Groove!   I remember when my oldest son was little, he had this superman T-shirt.  He wore that shirt every day.  If he spilled something on it, he turned it inside out or backwards. He wore it under his other clothes and he wore it to bed.  My wife had to grab it at bath time and get it washed before bed time or it was going to be a long night!  When he finally grew out of it, I don’t think that the ‘S’ waas recognizable, but I think he may still have the shreds of it somewhere in his room.

I think that most of us have some “thing” or routine that is so comfortable that we just don;t feel right without it.  Whether it is an old T-shirt, a pair of jeans, or the morning cup of coffee, most of us like things that are familiar.  These are the things in life that anchor us in life.

Last week I lost my superman shirt.  For 7 weeks, for the most part, Mon, Wed, & Thursday, Up around 5AM, Oatmeal and a fruit drink, Medication & Vitamins, and then out the door for a run.  Last week, not so much.  No routine.  No Breakfast.  I ran Thursday Friday and Sunday.  Not a great week for routine although I felt pretty good running. My Sunday run was 10 miles and I felt great!  I felt like I could have run further, but I held off.  I tookMonday and Tuesday off due to the Sunday Run.

I want that routine.  So many times in my life, I have failed to follow through and found myself winging it.  I need to get in a groove and grooves are created by consistant friction applied to a surface over time.  It is time to get back in the groove making business.


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