Posted by: Chuck Farley | March 24, 2008

Day 71 thru 74

Days 71 thru 74:   I’m run—ning in the rain, just run–ning in the rain.  Monday’s run was pretty uneventful, but Wednesday brought on my first experience with rain.  Fortunately, it was about 60 degrees.  I started out on my 8 mile run in good shape.  A few sprinkles here an there, but nothing too bad.  Just after I finished my first 5 mile loop and started into my 3 mile loop, the clouds decided they could hold it no longer.  Torrents of water came rushing down the street at my feet.  My cotton shirt over my dry-fit shirt was saturated in no time and got pretty heavy.  Other than that, it was actually kind of fun.  I remember a time when I was 11 years old, going out in the rain with all of the other kids on the block, to ride our bikes down the hill of our drive way into the flooded street.  It was great!  Wednesday morning I did not get quite that kind of joy out of it, but it was another adventure.

I thought that this is pretty much what my life is like.  I get a few showers, a few bumps in the road, some difficul and challenges through out my life.  I complain about a little rain on my short morning run and some people in my own city are walking around with no where to find shelter.  I will finish this run, soaking wet, but I finish in a warm house, get in a warm shower, and get a cup of hot coffee, get in my car, and go to work and laugh about the adventure.  I am so blessed even in the toughest of times.  To many people, my most difficult struggles would be a welcome relief compared to there everyday trials.  I need to get a better perspective on my life and begin to start measuring success by the burdens I can help lift off of others instead of the burdens manage to dump.


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