Posted by: Chuck Farley | March 24, 2008

Day 76 & Day 77

Day 76 – Rest Day / Day 77 – 20 Miles:   20 mile – what can I say.  It is a long way.  Two 10 mile loops, 5 water stops and 3 gels (Fuel) and lots of pavement.  This was a pretty much un eventful run.  No funny stories.  No injuries.  No snow or rain.  It was little cold and the wind not much help, but we have seen worse.  Pretty much it was just a tough, grit your teeth, boring, grind it out run.  The last three miles seemed like they would never end.  They say (stinkin’ “they”, I hate “they”, whoever they are), that if you can run 18 miles, you can run a marathon.  Maybe so, but at the end of 20 I was not really wanting to run another 6.2 miles.  Oh, wait a minute, I didn’t really want to run 20 miles in the first place.  So maybe this thing is do-able.  As a matter of fact I know it is.

PS: I wrote a a bunch of posts today, so you may want to read my last three posts.


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