Posted by: Chuck Farley | March 24, 2008


Day 75:  Ok, Here it is. My birthday post.  As I begin my 47th year on this here planet, I start it of with not running.  Great start.   I decided instead of starting off with a cold wet run, I would sleep in.  Good choice.  I can use the rest before the 20 this weekend.   Left work early to go catch an inspirational yet disappointing basketball game and then off to soccer practice.  Great practice!

I have a dinner coming courtesy of my son and his fiance’.   I love to eat!

 Also got a beard and mustache trimmer.  For those who do not know, I stopped shaving when I went into training.  (it’s a Samson thing)  Hopefully, a trim will not reduce my Samson-like strength.

 Got a great suprise from my daughters. They have been working on gaining support on my behalf for St. Jude’s.  Thank you, to all of my partners on facebook (that I did not know about).  Many of you out there will be getting some letters and e-mails over the next couple of weeks  reminding you about the reason we are running.  Only a little over a month to sponsor us for this run.  Any amount would go along way to helping children with catostophic illnesses at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

To Support St Jude’s go to:


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