Posted by: Chuck Farley | April 7, 2008

Days 89-91

Day 89 – 5 Miles / Days 90 & 91:  Day 89 I got up and beat the rain and ran my 5 miles before work.  Nothing was very noteworthy about the run other than I got up and did it.  Many things went through my head on the run, but because I did not set immortalize those thoughts in my blog, they may be lost forever.   It is a shame too because I think that I probably solved some of the worlds great challenges.  Oh well.

Day 90 and 91 Took me out of town to a Junior Bible Quiz Tournament where I read question for two days.  Since I always take on some sort of character when I am quiz master, this wqas no exception.  I was Captain Quiz Beard.  Let me just say, two days of talking like a pirate takes a toll on the throat.

I missed the team 21 mile run on Saturday and will have to run alone on Sunday.


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