Posted by: Chuck Farley | April 14, 2008


Through out this process, each of us have dealt with sicknesses, pains and injuries.  It is a part of training that we all expected to deal with, but I think I can speak for the whole team when I say a vital part of overcoming these challenges has been the team.  When one of has fallen behind on a run, someone has dropped back to encourage and help the struggling teammate.  We have truly become a band of brothers with a vow that “no man is be left behind”.

An injury to the team as a whole is a whole other ball game.  This week the team took a hit that can not be so easily overcome.  After so many months of training, due to an illness, one of our brothers will not be able to continue .  We have been training long enough that each member is a vital member of the team so one person missing is a huge blow.

Derek and I took turns keeping each other going.  Usually, he was encouraging me and there are many long runs that I would not have made it through without him. 

We can not share in his physical pain be I assure you we share in this disappointment, because all of us have feared something like this happening to us. 

Derek, heal up quick and we look forward to sharing the next big adventure.  We know that you are still with us so that we can keep our vow that no man is left behind.



  1. Here we go, the day is pretty much here! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great encouragement and support during this adventure! You have def been a huge inspiration during all of our training! Thank you! Good luck on Saturday man!

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