Posted by: Chuck Farley | November 4, 2011

Raising an Army – Who’s In?

As I move slowly into training, I quickly realize that I don’t really want to do this alone.  So I have decided to start recruiting a fitness army.  You don’t have to run (although I would love to have some a group with a similar goal for accountability and fellowship).  If you are interested in training with me or are looking for someone to walk the fitness road with, let me know.  I have some ideas of how we can better support each other in living a healthier lifestyle. Why is this important and what does it have to do with running with the footmen?

I think that one of Jeremiah’s problems which brought about his grumbling Jeremiah 12 was that he was fighting the good fight alone.  Although he had a strong relationship with the Lord, he was pushing through that battle without the benefit of fellowship and that is a tough task.  Fortunately we have not been carried off into captivity and are surrounded by people of like mind with similar interests and goals.  On the other hand, we often neglect that blessing and try to walk the walk alone.  How ridiculous is that?  Oh wait, I have been doing that for years.

Last night, after another good day of training in the mirror, I found my metabolism ramping up and found I could not sleep.  I decided to watch one of my favorite movies, “Twelve O’ Clock High” with Gregory Peck.  (I may reference this movie more than once, so you may want to check it out on Netflix or something) After a plane pulled out of formation to cover for a damaged plane, the pilot was dressed down for break group integrity  “Every gun on a B-17 is designed to give the group maximum defensive firepower – that’s what I mean by group integrity. When you pull a B-17 out of a formation you reduce the defensive power of the group by ten guns.”

As brothers and sisters, how are we doing at maintaining group integrity?  Are we leaving each other vulnerable to attack by neglecting our fellowship?  Even if you are confident in your own walk (which is pretty prideful), you are leaving the rest of us in harms way.  How about we tighten up those formations so that we can carry out the plan that is set before us.

You may be able to run with the footmen alone, but to contend with the horses that are coming, we are going to need to do it together.



  1. I have such a struggle recently, feeling as though I’m out of sync on my Christian walk. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to fall out of step! It’s the support of our brothers and sisters that keeps us on pace, and you totally lose that when you walk alone.

    As an aside, we have been eating brown rice and whole grain wheat, and almost completely cut potatoes out of our diet. I miss my favorite foods, but feel so much healthier.

  2. We are not meant to do it alone. So thankful for the community of people the Lord has placed around us.

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